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Wolverhampton Bespoke Framing by Richard & Sue


Just Framed is a family run bespoke framing business. We provide a personal one to one framing and mounting service based in the Wolverhampton/West Midlands area.
Our custom framing ability allows us to mount, frame and glaze your artwork, treasured collectable or memory to any size in an infinite variety of styles and colours.
Custom framing not only enhances the visual appearance of your artwork but provides long term protection to give pleasure for many years to come.
Our personal attention will help you to make an informed choice and have your artwork displayed at its best.

Home consultation available in Wolverhampton, Cosford, Albrighton, Telford, Willenhall, Newbridge, Codsall, Perton, Gospel End, Wombourne, Bilston, Wednesbury & Walsall.

Protect your treasured pictures & memorabilia today and call

01902 864300 or email richard@justframed.co.uk

to book your free no obligation in-home consultation.


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Custom Frame

Why in the world should I pay extra for a custom picture frame, you ask, when I can buy a ready-made frame at the local supermarket? This is a good question and indeed there are many times when a mass produced picture frame is appropriate. However, when you are ready to prepare your fine art or treasured heirlooms for display, custom framing is the best answer. A properly finished custom frame is the union of artwork, mats, moulding and other elements to create a presentation that is unique, that complements your personality and enhances your home or office. It is a one-of-a-kind creation that you will never find in a supermarket, hardware, or furniture shop. Your beautiful fine art, needlework or hard-earned certificates should be framed in a manner that does them justice and prevents their deterioration over time.

Your custom framed artwork is a permanent investment in the decor of your home, which will outlast much of your other accessories. It is more personalised than most of your other furnishings. We will recommend the best design techniques, and colour coordination to make the framing itself a work of art. There are many design methods we can use to make your artwork uniquely yours.

Why Frame?

A framed memory is the most important piece of furniture in your home or office.
It is the one piece of furniture that is uniquely personal to you. A frame is the only furnishing in your home that truly does last a lifetime.
Do it correctly!



Matting refers to the window-shaped material that surrounds an image within a frame. Matting serves both a functional and aesthetic purpose.

Its functional purpose is to create a space between the art and the glazing which allows the artwork to expand and contract with changes in humidity. It also prevents direct contact of the art with the glazing which prevents condensation that can create mould and otherwise harm the art.

Aesthetically the matting focuses the viewer to the art while enhancing but never distracting from the image. The wide selection of colours and finishes available allows you to complement the colour and design of the piece. We will assist you in choosing what best suits you and your artwork.

The Frame

Like matting, the frame serves functional and aesthetic purposes. The frame is the structure that holds together the entire package but is also intended to enhance the image and reflect the style of both the art and the owner.

Tapestries (Needlepoint) and Cross Stitch

These are hand stretched and laced. The lacing method is used to prolong the life of your tapestry or cross stitch. Many framers use staples when securing needlework art but we prefer the more traditional lacing method which avoids potentially corrosive and puncture damage to your artwork. After all, you have probably invested many hours in creating your tapestry. Why not have it framed with care?

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Protect your treasured pictures & memorabilia today and call

01902 864300 or email richard@justframed.co.uk

to book your free no obligation in-home consultation.